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    Two key elements that keep customers coming to you

    The aim of every company in the market is to sell its product, to sell its product to every company it meets or even does not meet. Although this is not very possible in practice, there are two main factors that increase the customer’s tendency to prefer you, let’s examine them together.

    Every company’s sales and marketing strategies are different; While some highlight the features of the product, some offer discounts, while some send samples, some offer extra quality.

    The first thing we need to do is to ask ourselves the following question: “Why would the customer buy my product?” In other words, before trying to sell our product, it is necessary to understand why the customer buys.

    So how does the customer decide?

    If you aim to easily sell a product and create your own customer portfolio, you must first create a cost advantage, and secondly, differentiate.

    The first concept that customers and even sellers often focus on is cost. The customer tends to prefer the product where he can obtain it at a lower cost. The seller, on the other hand, will prefer to produce where and how he can produce cheaper. In the meantime, the companies that provide the balance and create a cost advantage will be the winners.

    If we can reduce our cost, we will be preferable to the customer, this should not be perceived as just reducing the price. As we all know, price competition has no end, and as I said before, cost is not just about price.

    Producing better quality products, offering products that will be used for a longer time, deteriorate less and cost less to our customers also shows that we create a cost advantage.

    Offering a better product means creating opportunity costs.

    Another way to be preferred by the customer is to be different.

    We may charge our customer a higher price by offering a different product. The difference between our product and the products on the market can also enable us to market it more easily.

    So how can we differ? We have three keywords in this regard: Brand, R&D and Boutique Production.

    Brand equals trust, gives commitment to the customer for quality and continuity. A firm that proves its quality will not be affected by price competition and will be preferred even if it offers a higher price.

    To make our product preferable. We must make it unique by entering the R&D, research-development process. Developing our product by listening to customer demands and following the trends in the market gives us an advantage.

    We can say that another state of differentiation in recent years is realized through boutique production.

    Today, consumers accept to pay a higher price for a product that they will only have instead of buying a cheap product. We can say that tailor-made production is among the market trends.

    If you want to make a difference and be preferred by creating your own customer portfolio, contact us.

    Makes a difference in exports with Daphne Consultant!

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    Why is Determination of Target Market in Export Important?

    I witness that many companies in export are looking for customers instead of determining a target market. For
    companies prioritize sales over marketing. Selling is a result of marketing
    They forget to focus on sales. Just like many people focus only on the result rather than the process.
    Companies that give priority to sales, instead of determining the target country(s), try to meet the demands they find.
    making an effort. Without understanding the dynamics of countries and without considering cultural differences,
    Many of the offers made by offering a price to the request also result in negative results. This is how you get results
    I’ve also come across companies that state that. On the other hand, these companies cannot work with those customers for a very long time.
    I see.
    Why is target country/market identification so important? Let’s go through the items:
    Market Entry
    Determining the target country is very important for market entry. With the neighbor effect, some companies are shrinking or
    I see you are trying to enter low volume countries. Doing target market study
    very important in this regard. It will be easier for you to enter growing markets. Increasing the import
    In countries, both volume increases and new importers are formed. In addition to imports, Turkey’s
    I suggest you to examine the amount of exports in the market and the increase in exports.
    Focusing on one or a few target countries rather than pursuing demands in different countries
    concentrates our energy and attention on those countries. In this way, more information about those countries
    we will have. With this knowledge, you can better understand the needs and habits of buyers.
    We increase our chances of meeting.
    Product Standards
    Different countries may require different standards for your product. Responding to every request of many countries
    meeting the standards in those countries by giving priority to some countries instead of trying to give
    It will be healthier in terms of customer satisfaction and production cost.
    The electrical appliance to be sold in Italy and the electrical appliance to be sold in the UK market
    In case the plugs are different.
    The packaging habits of each country may also be different. Europe where individuality is intense
    In countries of the Middle East, food packages are in smaller packages, while in Middle Eastern countries, family-size packages

    you may need to do. Trying to respond to every need of every country at the same time
    can increase your costs significantly.
    You need to know the consumer habits in the target country. When packing by gram in Europe
    You have to weigh in oz to the USA.
    You may need to use different pallets due to door sizes in countries. different for each country
    Trying to acquire pallets will increase costs. Also, pallets
    Its placement inside the container/truck is also an issue that you need to think about. On first downloads
    There have been uploads that I have witnessed to have too much free space in the vehicles.
    Banking/Money Transfer
    An issue that is as important as selling in exports is getting the payment, that is, the money itself.
    to see in your account. The banking system in the countries you will export to is very important in this respect.
    important. You may need to export to some countries only by letter of credit. By specifying the target country
    You can prepare for these issues in advance.
    I would like to remind you again that export is a process. This is the way to set your goal.
    That’s why it’s so important. Maybe you can use different routes on the road after you set a destination, but
    For this, you need to set your goal.
    I wish you many months of achieving your goals.

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