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  • How We Work

    1 – Let’s Meet First

    As the DAPHNE CONSULTANT team, we know you, your dreams, your business and the products you produce. We take note of the products you produce, and ask for your catalogs and visuals, if any. We take note of the markets you are targeting, why you have chosen these markets, and your other goals.


    2 – Privacy is important to us.

    The moment you decide to work with DAPHNE CONSULTANT, we mutually sign a confidentiality agreement. Thus, we are updating the name of the data we shared with each other as a trade secret.


    3 – We Start Research Activities.

    Since we see what we call export as a whole, we prepare a checklist from your website to your catalogs, from your products to your quality documents. Thus, when we take a step in the name of export, we solve the possible problems that may come our way before they even start. At this point, as the DAPHNE CONSULTANT team, we determine historically where, how and at what cost we can take care of the deficiencies. By looking at the calendar we have determined specifically for your company, you can see when the works will end. At this stage, we also take a look at the rival companies you have identified, and consider all the assets they have. Thus, we offer you the opportunity to become a more competitive company.


    4 – We are researching your products.

    We determine all the products you produce or trade and the Customs Tariff Statistics Position numbers of these products.

    5 – We are starting to create the target market.

    Based on the Customs Tariff Statistics Position (GTİP) information, we research all markets in the world. In the target market research we have prepared, we reach details such as the number of products sold in Turkey, product weight and product price. We are not content with only Turkey, we determine the prices that all countries pay for this product. We reveal the problems that we may experience in terms of tax and logistics.

    6 – It’s Time to Set Goals.

    After the report we prepared, we come together with you and create at least 3 target markets that can reach our target. We are reorganizing the catalogs, perhaps your website, suitable for the target markets that we have created together.


    7 – We Open Our Mail Addresses.

    We request an e-mail address that belongs to your business but will be used by the DAPHNE CONSULTANT team. Thus, you are informed about every e-mail sent and received by DAPHNE CONSULTANT.

    8 – Now is the Time to Find Customers.

    Our search for customers begins in the target markets we have determined together. At this point, we never contact customers, we do not communicate in any way. We present our customers in target markets to you in a report, and we welcome your comments and suggestions. When creating customer lists, we present them in two different categories. We divide these categories into EXACT CUSTOMERS and POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS. So what’s the difference? Definite Customer: These are the companies in our target market that import your products, declare this to their state and open an import declaration. In other words, these companies are the companies we are currently looking for. Potential Customer: Customers who can buy and trade our products in the target market.